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The craft beer scene has exploded in Kentucky, and we will take you to the finest, award winning breweries in the state! While Kentucky is known for bourbon, our breweries are some of our best kept secrets!


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Sig Luscher is a heritage brewery originally formed in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1866 by Swiss immigrant, Sigmund Luscher. Sig was a good-natured man who treated his family, his employees, and the community-at-large with kindness and respect. We’re honoring his legacy by creating the kind of company we think would make him proud.


436 Chair Ave, Lexington, KY 40508


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What's Included

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We believe in delivering an unforgettable experience.  Because of this, we "elevate your experience."  We will coordinate your experience with our incredible partners and use a concierge approach that will include your tours, tastings, food options, and complimentary offerings, while providing your transportation that will include both pick up and drop off.  Every small detail matters to us, and we feel confident it will matter to you as well.  You spend enough time at work during the week.  You should not have to work to plan your great day whether it is a day spent with friends and family, a social event, or corporate outing.  When we give you the price of the tour it will be all-inclusive!


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