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Did you know Bourbon is the official alcohol of the United States?

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Whiskey distilling is as old as the United States itself, and Kentucky perfected the Bourbon Whiskey recipe. Our partner distilleries are not only in the heart of historic distilling country, but they’re also historically delicious!


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Our family was there at the start of the Kentucky bourbon business. It all began when a man named Jacob Beam sold his first barrels of corn whiskey.

Seven generations later, brothers Steve and Paul Beam started their own chapter of the family history book as the proud Kentucky bourbon distillers behind Limestone Branch Distillery. You can taste that pride in every pour of our award-winning craft spirits.


1280 Veterans Memorial Hwy., Lebanon, KY 40033


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What's Included

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We believe in delivering an unforgettable experience.  Because of this, we "elevate your experience."  We will coordinate your experience with our incredible partners and use a concierge approach that will include your tours, tastings, food options, and complimentary offerings, while providing your transportation that will include both pick up and drop off.  Every small detail matters to us, and we feel confident it will matter to you as well.  You spend enough time at work during the week.  You should not have to work to plan your great day whether it is a day spent with friends and family, a social event, or corporate outing.  When we give you the price of the tour it will be all-inclusive!