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Cocktail Classes

The perfect add on to a day full of tours. A cocktail class is a great way to really make sure everyone in the group has an awesome day and gets to really enjoy something unique. Sometimes it can be difficult making sure there's something for everyone in the group - not everyone likes to sip on bourbon neat all day long! This hands on experience at xNorma's is great for learning how to make cocktails you wouldn't normally be drawn to - it's a great way to take some top notch mixology skills back home to wow at your next backyard BBQ or holiday party.

Let your experience coordinator know if you'd like to really shake things up and add a cocktail class to your itinerary!


Guided Bourbon Tastings

Not only does On Tap have some amazing certified bourbon stewards on staff, but we are partnered with some incredible local bourbon gurus that love teaching anything and everything BOURBON.

Our team and our partners can put together unique tastings that include expressions specific to your group. Are you all more of bourbon beginners? You'd love a Bourbon 101 class and tasting! A little more experienced bourbon drinker? We'd love to be challenged to create something special for you to not only enjoy, but to broaden your bourbon knowledge.

Our pals Logan and Mac of Basement Rickhouse even lead bourbon steward certification classes, both virtually and in person. 

Make sure to ask your excursion expert about adding on a bourbon tasting or bourbon steward certification class to your day of experiences.


Event Planning Services

We are truly a one stop shop. Our lead event planner has nearly 10 years within the industry not only planning weddings and large scale events, but executing the operations from start to finish. Our team of coordinators will happily take away the worry of planning your next holiday party, corporate cocktail hour, charity ball and more.

Imagine being able to not only use On Tap to execute an awesome bourbon themed bachelor party, but also to plan the entire wedding ceremony, reception and to organize all of your wedding day transportation.

Talk about convienience. 

For further information, please reach out directly to

Kari Coughlin at

to discuss your event and our pricing for a variety of different

planning packages we have available.

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