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The on tap experience

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Let On Tap Tours handle the details and plan your next customized experience! Our tours give you and your guests VIP access to experiences that you will not get anywhere else! Let us show you Kentucky's best distilleries, breweries, wineries, horse farms, and culinary experiences the only way we know how- up close and personal.

Why On Tap Tours?

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We Drive You!

We will transport you and your friends to our incredible distillery, brewery, winery, horse farm, and culinary partners.

Concierge Service

At On Tap Tours we do not see ourselves as a transportation company. We are a hospitality company that will "elevate your experience" and make you feel like a VIP.

Incredible Partners

Each tour focuses on hospitality and service.  Our partners are handpicked because of their commitment to providing an intimate experience.

Commitment to Hospitality

Our commitment to service will be felt from the very first communication.  Our customers become our family.  Just read our reviews for proof!.

Safety first

Now more than ever safety and your health is paramount. We have taken the steps to provide an incredible experience that puts your safety first with our high standards of cleanliness.  We take this seriously and do it for our customers, our partners, and our staff.

Excellence is our standard.

We do not settle for less.​



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The craft breweries that we visit are going to show you a behind the scenes view of not only how they are brewing the beer, but how they put their passion into every glass!!

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Our winery partners have worked very hard to make their business a destination.  Spending a day with a group of friends, family, or colleagues will be time well spent in these amazing settings!

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Bourbon is a way of life for our partners.  It is engrained in who they are and their stories will  show you why Bourbon can be enjoyed by all people regardless of where they are from or what they look like!

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horse farms

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If you want to understand the pulse of the Bluegrass, then you must visit a horse farm.  In doing so, you will gain a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into being an owner.  It truly takes a team to run a farm, and while horse racing might be the sport of kings, it is only through hard work and a true love for the land that one that can call themselves a horseman or woman.



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